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Loose-tube cables, the older of the two cable types, are specifically designed for harsh outdoor environments. They protect the fiber core, cladding and coating by enclosing everything within semi-rigid protective sleeves or tubes. In loose-tube cables that hold more than one optical fiber, each individually sleeved core is bundled loosely within an all-encompassing outer jacket.
Many loose-tube cables also have a water-resistant gel that surrounds the fibers. This gel helps protect them from moisture, making the cables ideal for harsh, high-humidity environments where water or condensation can be a problem. The gel-filled tubes can expand and contract with temperature changes, too.
But gel-filled, loose-tube cables are not the best choice when the cable needs to be submerged or where it's routed around multiple bends. Excess cable strain can force fibers to emerge from the gel.
The secondary coating line is used to extrude loose tube in which 12 optical fibers are contained. The extruding material can be PBT,PE.
Main Parts:
1.      12 optical fiber payoff                                 
2.      Gel filling device and bubble remover device          
3.      Dryer loose tube making parts                         
4.      Extruder SJ50×30 and head (With Loader and hopper compound dryer)
5.      Color Master batch Compounder                              
6.      4+4m Hot water trough                                          
7.      Hot water tank                                                  
8.      Clenching unit                                
9.      630 E.F.L capstan                                                  
10.  5m cooling trough                                          
11.  Cooling water tank (with refrigerating device)         
12.  Blow dryer device                                                  
13.  Diameter control system                                        
14.  Lump and neck down detector                   
15.  630 Capstan (with tension control device)        
16.  Accumulator type tension controller                       
17.  Full-automatic double spooler                                
       18. Electrical control system    
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