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How to produce FTTH drop cable? FTTH Drop Cable Extrusion Line

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Author : Gavina
Update time : 2020-11-10 09:47:57

What Is FTTH Drop Cable?

FTTH drop cables, as previously mentioned, are located on the subscriber end to connect the terminal of a distribution cable to a subscriber’s premises. They are typically small diameter, low fiber count cables with limited unsupported span lengths, which can be installed aerially, underground or buried. As it is used in outdoor, drop cable shall have a minimum pull strength of 1335 Newtons according to the industry standard. Fiber optic drop cables are available in many different types. The three most commonly used fiber drop cables include flat drop cable, figure-8 aerial drop cable and round drop cable.

Here is a video about the whole ftth drop cable line:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RrlwY_ZR6s&t=5s

We, KRENO, are FTTH cable solution provider. If you want to develop FTTH drop cable, we can provide you from 1,fiber coloring machine 2,FTTH production lline.

If you are planning to add a drop cable production line, please contact us: gavina@krenowuxi.com. WhatsApp/WeChat/Mob: 0086 15052208601

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