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How to produce multitube cable?

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Author : Grace
Update time : 2020-11-18 09:53:20
For higher fiber count, multi-tube structure is made of an assembly of different tubes around a central strength element. Fiber count ranges widely dependant on location of active equipment. For outdoor installation, the cables are designed with resistant outer sheath, generally made of polyethylene to resist to more severe environment constraints (abrasion, temperature variation, crush resistance …). It features a watertight conception, obtained by using jelly and/or swellable elements, to stop the water propagation within the cable in case of cable accident. Outdoor cables are mainly installed in ducts or directly buried.
In some case, Indoor-Outdoor structures are required. They combine the water tightness characteristics and LSZH-FR sheath.
For producing Multitube Cable ,the first step is coloring fiber, it will use coloring machine. Secondary, making loose tube from loose tube production line. And that SZ stranding and sheathing.
KRENO have more than 20yesars experence in produce optical fiber cable equipments,include coloring machine,loose tube produciton line,SZ stranding line,sheathing line and so on,welcome to inquiry!the best serveice and quality assurance prodcut waiting you!

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