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Fiber Cable Production Line Take up and Pay off Frame.

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Author : Grace
Update time : 2020-12-10 14:13:12

What types take-up and pay-off frame do you need?

Kreno can support different types take -up and pay-off frames according to customer’s request.take-up and pay-off frame used for sheathing line,Let's look at the difference between different types of them.

swing arm end axle take-up and pay-off frame
Swing arm structure, electric lifting, pneumatic chuck, ac motor control active wiring, independent electric cabinet, panel set in the height and position for easy operation; The take-up frame adopts the swing arm structure, the active power, the take-up plate is driven by 4KW frequency conversion peak motor, sine wave 500 series frequency converter control, the take-up part consists of 400w sine wave ac servo motor, a set of synchronous belt pulley, screw, linear guide and reversing mechanism.

ground moving rail gantry take-up and traverser
Ground moving rail gantry and upper tube structure. The gantry adopts bent welding. The two fix cones on both sides of bobbin are driven by two motors linked to cycloid reducers which drive the lifting of the screw. The fix cones can be lifted individually or simultaneously and are equipped with mechanical and dual electrical protective devices. Different specifications of cone covers can be equipped to meet the installation of different bobbins. The bobbin is clamped by motor deceleration and the clamping overload protection is provided.
KRENO is a professional optical fiber cable equipment manufacturer which customize different machines according to the different request of customers,looking forward your inquiry!

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