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Cable Rewinding Machine

Item No.: Cable rewinding-01
This cable rewinding line is use for rewinding / spooling cable.
Production line structure speed: 150m/min
Production line speed: 120 m/min
Production line length:<20m
Production line center height: 1000mm
Pay-off reel specification: PN1000 ~ PN2000
Cable Rewinding Machine is using for rewinding/spooling cable.
It contains: PN1000mm/2000mm active pay-off  1 set, AC spark meter 1 pc, Hot foil printer 1 set,Caterpillar-tractor (500kg) 1 set, Φ800 horizontal dancing wheel 1 set,
2000mm gantry take-up and traverser 1set, Electronic control system 1set

The whole machine use 15-inch touch screen and PLC control system to realize the whole line linkage and synchronous operation; Main production line operation, production process parameter setting are completed by computer.
PLC communication interface to achieve production status acquisition and process control.The communication between IPC and PLC realizes the functions of production operation, alarm display and emergency stop of production line.

The touch screen brand is Kunlun Tongtai and the PLC is Siemens S7-1200. Low-voltage electrical products such as air switch and contactor are made by Siemens.