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Fiber Reinforced Plastic-FRP

Item No.: FRP Strength member
KRENO only  produce FRP for OFC.
FRP strength member are round or flat profiles made of e-glass roving and resin. They are used as a central strength element in optical fiber cables, such as FTTH cable/ unituble/multitube cable.
Reinforced Cable Fiberglass Rod FRP from Direct Factory

Cable Fiberglass Rod, a di-electric composite cable strength member, is to use vinyl ester resin as foundation combined with the
strength of glass fiber through pultrusion technology to produce a new type of high performance non-metallic composite material.
Without drawbacks of traditional metallic strength member, FRP strength member features excellent anti-corrosion, electromagnetic
interference free, high tensile strength, low weight, saving energy and environmentally friendly, which are now widely used in
various optical fiber cables.

Items Unit Index/ Value
Diameter mm 0.5-5.0
Tensile strength MPa ≥1100
Tensile modulus of elasticity GPa ≥50
Elongation at break % ≤4
Flexural modulus GPa ≥50
Flexural strength MPa ≥1100
Linear swelling 1/℃ <8*10-6
Diameter tolerance mm ±2%
Density g/cm³ 2.05-2.15
Minimum bending radius mm 40*D
Bending performance by high temperature 50D,100℃,120h No burrs, no cracks, no breaks

WUXI KRENO producing FRP strength member for Optical Fiber Cable. We export FRP over world such as South America, South-East Asia, Europe etc.