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Tight Buffering Line

Item No.: tight buffering line-01
Diameter of optical fiber: Ø0.25mm
Diameter of tight buffered fiber: Ø0.6mm/ Ø0.9mm
Production line speed: 300m/min
Optical fiber bobbin size:  Ø236x108xØ25.4 (25km)  Ø265x180xØ25.4 (50km)
Take-up bobbin size: PN400
Power required: 30kw
The production line is mainly used to make ordinary optical fiber into tight buffered optical fiber. The tight buffered materials are PVC, LSZH, Nylon etc.
It contains: 1,Four optical fiber pay off rack, 2 Vacuum apparatus,3 Preheating device,4 SJ-30 ×25 extruder (2 sets of molds, 2 sets color concentrate mixer, including feeder), 5 Warm water sink , 6 Warm water tank, 7 Cooling water sink, 8 Cooling water tank, 9 Chiller, 10 Air blow dryer, 11 One-direction diameter measuring device, 12 Wheel belt press tractor, 13 Accumulative tension control device, 14 Ø400 double take-up & traverser, 15 Electronic control system.
Tight-Buffered Cable vs. Loose-Tube Gel-Filled Fiber Cables